Vassivière – Plateau de Millevaches

With its airs of Little Canada, this territory is fabulously amazing for its landscapes, its diversity and its cultural encounters. At the Gates of the Plateau de Millevaches, a remarkable site where peat bogs, dry heather moors, deciduous forests, and waterways alternate, Lake Vassivière is also the paradise of fishermen and hikers, without forgetting the pleasures of the water of course… with a water temperature approaching 25° in July and August, the swimming here is a real pleasure!!

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Instagram #vassiviere
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Vassivière, our seaside resort!

At the lake of Vassivière it is of course possible to taste the pleasures of the water with 5 sandy beaches supervised every day in July and August from 1:30 pm to 7 pm. Some of them are family and lively like Auphelle, Vauveix and Broussas. You will find many shaded areas as well as all the necessary infrastructures to have a good time: picnic tables, wooden games, sports fields, pedal boat rentals, canoes and a water games area. Sailors can enjoy the “Nautique Club Limousin” sailing school on the Vauveix site. If you are looking for more quiet beaches, the ones of Nergout and Pierrefitte are made for you! Naturist at heart ? Go to the naturist area of Maillereau!”

Lovers of fishing will be able to fish for pike, pike-perch or perch in the Vassivière lake or in the many streams of the Millevaches plateau where they can find the fario trout. The Lac de Vassivière is a fishing paradise of 1000 hectares of 1ère and 2ème category, accessible all year round.

Hikers are not forgotten since 250 km of hilly maintained and marked routes are at their disposal whether on foot, horseback, mountain bike,. They will be able to enjoy trails along the lakes, streams or moors and in the forests but also on the expanses of the Millevaches plateau. We invite you to discover the bank path for example but also legend stones, peat bogs and heather moors.

Contemporary art, storytelling, concerts… a land of artists!

Summer in Vassivière is the season of exhibitions and shows, an unavoidable place of appointments of artists exhibiting their works at the Centre International d’Art et du Paysage, also known as CIAP, of the Ile de Vassivière… The connection between man and nature is undeniable in each of their creations that you will be able to interpret according to your mood and the emotion they arouse. Let yourself be carried away by these exhibitions into an imaginary world sometimes, down to earth, often, moving, always.

Summer in Vassivière is also lived in music!

French song, rock, Latin rhythms, electro… a large number of dates to remember for your summer evenings, just to travel, to rebel, to move, to dance… just to feel alive and live intensely on sometimes wild, sometimes poetic tunes.

Without forgetting the stories of the world… Words of a storyteller!”

Whatever you want, there you go! Stories to make you laugh, stories to scare you, stories to “sleep on”! It’s also a whole program for everyone, all ages: fans of mythical adventures, sweet nonsense for children (and adults!), fairy tales or evil witches. It is also the discovery of tales from elsewhere, like a journey across the world, lying on the grass, eyes turned to the sky…

Vassivière, it’s an end of the world where all the senses awaken with the freshness of its landscape and its waters. It is a passage from the very real world of our life to a universe that is placed outside of time, where the mind is finally freed and allowed to go to a little more lightness. It is a place not to be missed for all those who wish to satisfy their need for freedom… Think about it!

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Auphelle, Lac de Vassivière
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