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Nature sports areas

Nature sports areas

With its “earth”, “water” and “air” activities and the discovery of its natural heritage, the Monts de Guéret Nature Sports Area guarantees you a total and regenerating change of scenery for the pleasure of everyone, children, adults, sportsmen, nature lovers, during a trip to the countryside with friends or family.

The Monts de Guéret or Mounts of Gueret, a land of adventure

In the heart of a natural territory, its green forests, its meadows, the Creuse and Gartempe rivers, its streams and ponds, the Monts de Guéret Nature Sports Area welcomes you all year round to express your desire for freedom, oxygen, physical activity in the heart of nature and immersion in a preserved environment.
With its rich ecosystems and exceptional biodiversity, this territory will amaze you and help you to decompress far from the stress of dense urban areas.
By following our diverse itineraries and activity spots, you can share unforgettable memories with your friends or family on foot, mountain bike, horseback, canoe, in the trees, on the viaduct or after a flight over the Creuse River.

Cycling routes and mountain biking

Spread over the whole territory, in the heart of the green hills of Chabrières, Maupuy, Puy des 3 Cornes and across the country roads, the VTT-FFC site of the Monts de Guéret awaits you on more than 720km of marked, maintained and secured circuits. You ride at your own pace on trails adapted to your level of practice. Choice of 10 green circuits (very easy), 8 blue circuits (easy), 10 red circuits (difficult), 10 black circuits (very difficult) including the Tour VTT des Monts de Guéret (153km), without forgetting also the downhill and enduro tracks (the Grande Carrière, green track of 850m 75m of D-, the Granite blue, blue track of 2.12km/201m of D-, the Voie des Carriers, red track of 1.77km/236m of D-).
The Nature Sports Area offers you mountain bike and electric mountain bike rental, assistance for your hikes with qualified instructors or the organization of loop or roaming stays.
On the road bike side, 3 local loops have been marked out (from 15 to 35 km) for a family discovery ride, as well as circuits from 69 to 136 km ( which can be downloaded) for the more sporty ones.

Trail Area (routes, outings, internships)

In the heart of the Espace Trail des Monts de Guéret, cross gorges, mountains and valleys, jump from path to path, from stone to root and explore the magnificent landscapes and greenery of the Maupuy and Chabrières mountains. With these 10 specific marked “trail” circuits (from 5.9km and 141m from D+ to 67km and 2402m from D+), each runner, beginner or expert, identifies in the Monts de Guéret a playground to match his desires and abilities. Alone or with friends, you will find inspiration for active stays to prepare for your season or for the famous “Trail du Loup Blanc” in December.
For lovers of nightlife, 3 circuits are marked with retro-reflective arrows. With a good front end, training can continue even in winter! Without forgetting also a course of fractions around the pond of Courtille, a course of Fartlek and a dry climb from 850m to 10% at the top of Maupuy.

Zip line, tree climbing

Want to play the balancing act, feel the rock and climb against the wall? Beginner or experienced climber, your path is all found in the Monts de Guéret. The Nature Sports Area and its team provide supervision on the Glénic viaduct site.
Climb along the cliffs of the Maupuy quarry: 60 routes equipped with level 4a to 7c, sealed pins, useful straps for the relay… enough to practice a varied climbing with dihedrons, cracks, overhangs and slopes. For natural sites, a climbing instructor is at your disposal upon reservation.
In 2019, a high-rise accrobatic park in the Chabrières Forest will open its doors and since 2018, a giant zip line has been installed above the Creuse river, located 16m high, which connects two beaches on a 450m long round trip.

But also a multitude of other activities:

Paragliding: Air Expérience offers you a unique experience for everyone, fly over the forest of Chabrières in a two-seater discovery, two-seater sensation, progression course, discovery weekend… or free practice from 3 flight sites..;
Astronomy: observe the stars from supervised sessions, in a canoe or on foot;
Fishing: a preserved no kill circuit of 1.5km is enough to delight fishing enthusiasts with the possibility of discovering different techniques with a fishing instructor-guide (training courses and improvement of fly fishing, guidance on the courses, assembly workshop, etc.), but also river or pond fishing and crayfish fishing in several spots in the territory;
Swimming, canoeing/paddle and kayaking: with many recent facilities, 3 beaches offer you many water sports activities in the immediate vicinity of the tourist accommodation (camping and cottages) in Anzême, Jouillat and Courtille;
Hiking, Nordic walking and horseback riding: with an altitude ranging from 300 to 687m, in the heart of a forest massif of more than 2500ha, on the plain or the lond of the gorges of the Creuse, the Monts de Guéret offer privileged species for hiking in all its forms. For hikers, it is more than 250km of circuits spread over 25 loops from 2.9 to 15km and a GRP of 120km, signposted… and for riders ride the paths of the GRP and its equestrian variants over 80 km.
Orientation and Geocaching: go beacon hunting on permanent or semi-permanent orientation courses or poï’z hunting with the Terra Aventura application.

Erik Brachet 2Erik Brachet 2

“I like the diversity of paths, sceneries and routes here. There are so many paths, that you can change routes all the time, from a forest route to a clearing, from an easy route to a more technical part…”

Erik Brachet, mountain biking enthusiast
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