Thermes D'evaux Les Bains ©centre ThermalThermes D'evaux Les Bains ©centre Thermal
©Thermes D'evaux Les Bains ©centre Thermal
Evaux les Bains thermal complex

Thermal resort of Evaux les Bains

A 3 in 1 resort for your well-being: you have the choice of booking a spa treatment in Evaux les Bains, enjoying a relaxing moment in the Evahona wellness area or simply staying in the heart of this dynamic town that has all the services…

Evaux les Thermes, a source of health

The establishment offers curative and preventive care, under the sign of conviviality. The efficiency of its water is recognized in 3 indications:
Rheumatology: Fibromyalgia, Arthrosis, peri-articular disorders, inflammation….
Phlebology: Phlebitis, periphlebitis, varicose veins…
Gynecology: Inflammatory infections, pelvic pain, endocrine disorders…
To fight the ills linked to our daily activities and to fill up with vitality, the resort also offers tailor-made fitness or relaxation stays, open to all!

To each his own formula: the resort is open from the end of March to November.

Les Thermes – 23210 Evaux les Bains
Tel.: 05 55 65 50 01 

Evahona, the “instant relaxation” well-being

Located on the ground floor of the Thermal Resort, the Evahona Wellness Centre, opened in 2010, was awarded the Spas de France label in June 2013.
Evahona invites you to well-being and relaxation in a warm setting offering calm and pleasure… Enjoy a relaxing stopover: warmth from the hammam and sauna, the benefits of Jacuzzi water, hydro-massage bath, floatation bed, massage, facials and body care.
A 350m2 cocoon space for you, alone, in couple or with friends. And thanks to gift cards, you can also please those you love…

Tel.: 05 55 65 89 48

The legendary secret of the origin of the thermal springs of Evaux les Bains

It all began around Toulx-Sainte-Croix on Mont Barlot, where many springs sprang up. A refuge and a paradise for fairies, the latter had all the leisure to swim in the streams and dance incessant farandoles. The queen of the fairies imposed only one rule: all of them had to have left Mont Barlot before sunset. Despite several warnings, the young creatures disobeyed him! In her anger, the queen drove them away and armed with a hammer she hit the ground.

The shock was terrible, we can still see the traces of it today: the streams gave way to a stone sanctuary called “Les Pierres Jaumâtres”.

Finally, to be sure to dry up the springs, the fairy threw her hammer and uttered these words “Where this hammer falls, springs of warm water will spring forth”. It lands in Evaux-les-Bains where you can still enjoy the benefits of this water during thermal cures or to relax at the Evahona spa.


“It is always with great pleasure to return to Evaux. I feel good there, almost like home. The staff is always pleasant, a kind word, a smile to welcome you. It’s not much, you might say, but it’s enough to make you feel good for the day. I would also like to thank all the thermal agents and express my complete satisfaction with the spa. Well done.””

Geneviève from Dordogne

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