Halftriman Des Monts De Guéret Natation, La CreuseHalftriman Des Monts De Guéret Natation, La Creuse
©Halftriman Des Monts De Guéret Natation, La Creuse
The Monts de Guerêt Halftriman

The Monts de Guerêt Halftriman

Swim, pedal, run… All of this in the middle of France! For 2 days in July, the Monts de Guéret welcomes hundreds of amateur and (sometimes) professional triathletes… By the way, just to let you know… it certainly isn’t flat here 😉

Children, discovery and competitors races

Triathlon trials usually happen the first week of July. The children’s trials, XS (triathlon cross), S (0.75/20/5) take place on Saturday and allow beginners to discover the triple effort. On Sunday, trials are for experienced triathletes with the M (1.5/44/10) and L (1.9/90/21) formats.

The starting point of these trials is on Courtille’s beach, which is why families and non-competitors can enjoy all its leisure facilities. This triathlon is geographically accessible (the Creuse is located in the middle of the France) and financially interesting, and is one of the best places for value for money in France. It is also accessible for all families!

The Monts de Guéret triathlon

There are several small summits (more than 600 m) in Les Monts de Guéret. Courtille’s beach is approximately at an altitude of 400m. As you have probably understood, even if the swimming and the foot race are on flat ground, the bike races, especially the M and L formats, can be hard on your legs… For example, the 2013 edition had more than a 1200 m-altitude change (the famous Halftriman).

Nota: There’s a campsite not far from the starting point (only a few hundred metres). Take a look at our useful links… Register for our newsletter (on your right) if you don’t want to miss this event!

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