Vtt Descente Jump, La CreuseVtt Descente Jump, La Creuse
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The MTB descent rally only of the 4 Puys

The MTB descent rally only of the 4 Puys

The 4 Puys’ Rally, which for 2 days reunites downhill MTB racers, is one of the six main MTB events in the Creuse, in the Limousin, in France 😉

Why an MTB descent trail in the Creuse!

Simply because the Creuse, and more precisely the Monts de Guéret, are amazing playing fields for outdoor sports!Explanation: The Monts de Guéretincludes the Maupuy (683 m), the Chiroux(689 m) and between them many hilly areas… and even more hilly areas! Of course local MTB racers have taken possession of the site; there is now an MTB space with a downhill track that is run by a club recognised for its dynamism and its champions (Creuse Oxygène).

The 4 Puys’ Rally, the Creuse: downhill paradise!

For 2 days, usually in March, the Creuse and the Monts de Guéret become a downhill paradise. Several trials (5, of which one is urban) are organised and a final classification decides who are the best downhill racers. Non-timed liaisons are allowed. Creuse Oxygène’s organisation takes into account all needs: shuttles, meals, etc.
So, tempted by the adventure?

Creuse Oxygène
rue Paul Louis GRENIER
23000 GUERET

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