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Aubusson-Felletin tapestry

Aubusson tapestries are found all over the world. In the Creuse, this know-how listed as an Intangible Heritage by UNESCO, is revealed through exhibitions and cultural getaways.

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Cité internationale de la Tapisserie d'Aubusson
Tél. : 05 55 66 66 66

Aubusson Tourist Office
Rue Vieille
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Tapestry, a living know-how

Beyond the works exhibited on picture rails in the Aubusson Departemental Tapestry Museum is the whole branch of the textile arts that the visitor can discover in the Creuse starting with sheep and ending with a tapestry!

If the town of Aubusson is noted in history books, its neighbour Felletin, was also a mainstay of this ancestral art. It's here you can visit the Terrade Mills. In this still active company, they continue to work on wool that arrives in bales to create and dye the threads using artisan methods. In the Creuse, contemporary creation is encouraged notably by the International City of Aubusson Tapestry. In the shape of a call for projects, artists are invited to put their imagination to the service of reviving this ancestral art.


Tapestry: jewel in the crown of Creuse heritage

This international competition marks a reconnection of Aubusson to the art market and galleries of contemporary creation. These creations, woven in the Creuse, are temporarily exhibited in the Aubusson Departemental Tapestry Museum or during events such as exhibitions in the church of the château in Felletin.

Tapestry art has deeply marked the physiognomy of the towns in which the artists and artisans worked. This is well evident in Aubusson; the modern visitor can see this in the Terrade quarter. After the bridge crossing the Creuse, a visit to the Museum of Tapestry Cartoons is essential. In the centre of town, the Weaver’s House perfectly illustrates six centuries of tapestry history. Open to everyone and especially to children above six years of age, the visit ends with a demonstration of weaving.