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Cradle of tapestry and “country of builders”, Felletin is a town rich in cultural and historic heritage and know-how.

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Felletin, town of art and know-how

Felletin, cradle of tapestry, a centuries-old art listed by UNESCO as Intangible Heritage, is also one of the oldest towns in the Creuse Département. Its economic rise in the Middle Ages is mainly due to the development of numerous industries. Flour and paper mills, fulling mills, dyers and wool mills meant that Felletin was noticed and contributed to the growth of its region.

At the gates of the Millevaches Regional Nature Park in the Limousin, the town of Felletin is revealed through exploration of its streets. In the heart of the town, a rich religious heritage can be discovered such as Moutier Church, as well as its frescoes, the Château church, the townhouses and Roby Bridge or Soubre-Bridge, the mediaeval marvel that crosses the Creuse.

As the cradle of tapestry, Felletin is the benchmark for everything relating to the professions surrounding horizontal-loom weaving. It's the master of the whole production chain starting with the wool that envokes the Terrade Wool Mill up to the weaving so glorified by the Pinton Manufacture.

Diamonds or granite, Felletin chose both…

From the 19th century up to the 80s, Felletin also housed a prestigious know-how: diamond cutting. The former diamond-cutting workshop can still be visited and one can discover this precision art, the technique and the tools used only a short time ago.

Felletin proudly shows off the wealth of its built heritage through its streets, its Fountains, chapels and fortifications. This tradition of construction is perpetuated at the National School of Building. Its century-old school still teaches all the building trades.

Thus the reputation of the Creuse and its history of builders, elevated due to the great epic of the Creuse Stonemasons, travel through history and spread its brilliant know-how through the whole world.

Must see:

– Pinton tapestry workshops

– Terrade Wool Mill

– Site of the Diamanterie

– Moutier Church

– Arfeuille Château