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Foret Follies

Each year, the Forêt Follies Festival takes place in Chabrières forest, which covers 2000 hectares in the heart of the Monts de Guéret.

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Creuse Oxygène
Rue Paul Louis Grenier
23000 GUERET
Tél. : 05 55 61 97 90
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Discover the forest as you have never seen it before

What is Forêt Follies? It's a celebration of what makes nature what it is: the forest, trees, nature- a source of life, the environment. The aim is to make people aware of the need to protect this rice and life-supporting environment.

Along the paths, in the shade of the trees, you can find many workshops and more than 100 craftspeople stands. This is the place to discover wonderful handmade and artistic objects. Traditional "know-how" is practised under the watchful eye of passersby who are amazed by the patience and the dexterity of these artists. 

The forest wants to have fun!

Keep up with the rhythm of the shows! Fill up with oxygen, chlorophyll and new experiences!

Through the woods, follow the troubadour as he sings and dances. On your way, you'll find all kinds of activities for the young and old. Observe carefully the ants that are always hard working and unshakeable! Play at being Robin Hood and have a go at archery. Make your own wood and moss object for sheltering little birds and insects. Maybe you'll come across a Chabrières' wolf.

Finding something to snack on if you get a bit peckish will be easy and a big friendly meal is organised in order to make everyone appreciate the warm atmosphere of this huge forest party.