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Jacques Bourzat

Pays Sud Creusois
For Jacques, our heritage is alive and kicking! It's with great pleasure that he'll present you Aubusson and Felletin, internationally known for their tapestries. If we tend to view them as works of art in galleries and museums, Jacques is here to remind us that they came into being because of industrial activity.

"Living heritage"

In fact it's this activity that shaped the present look of these two towns. Who better than this expert, who has laboured for more than 15 years on the economic development of our département, can give you the keys to deciphering this Creuse that departs from our preconceived ideas?

Whether from the ruins of the Pierre d’Aubusson château overlooking the city or the heights of the Beaumont quarter in Felletin, climb up and discover a different image of our territory!