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Josiane Magnier

Pays Combraille en Marche
Spending time with Josiane in the Bord le Roche hamlet, a few kilometres from Evaux-les-Bains, is to be sent back in time to country life of 50 years ago. She has fond memories of her birth village's harvest festivals, story telling around fires and the pig shared between neighbours!
Greeter Creuse

"Her birth village"

An anecdote shows the attachment her family has for this charming Creuse village: destined to have a bright future as a builder in Paris, her father couldn't resist the pull back to his roots and in the depths of winter didn't hesitate in travelling between Paris and Bord le Roche just to spend a few hours with his family.

It's therefore perfectly natural that Josiane has decided to welcome visitors to tell them about her childhood without a longing for the past or pathos. Because Bord le Roche's inhabitants are active! They decorate their village with flowers and there's a wooden sculpture that takes its inspiration from here.

It must be said that the place is inspiring: unspoilt groves, rocks protected by a supernatural virgin, an old château whose underground tunnels link two villages…

To know more, come and meet Josiane!