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La Dejantée (Completely nuts)

Vassivière island shows another face and invites you to take part in a "crazy race", completely "nuts"!

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Association « La Déjantée »
Gaïa, Maison Régionale des Sports du Limousin
142 avenue Emile Labussière
87100 Limoges
Tel : 05 87 21 31 21
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Between trail and hump(s)… laughter

 A mix of trail, assault course and multiraid, this sporting event comprises of a race of approximately 12kms punctuated by totally off-the-wall trials.

Good mood is part of the folklore and for one good reason: the competitors must disguise themselves! The Daltons, Barbie and Betty Boop fight each other, just for fun, of course!

It's your turn to confront around thirty obstacles which include mud, water, slopes, descents, rises… Your turn to run, jump, crawl, climb! Without forgetting to help one another because this race can be done either individually or as a team

Not only a sports event!

This race does not only exist for raid specialists! On the contrary, it concerns everybody who is in good health and who wants to surpass themselves. Here, there is no timed performance, the main goal is to finish the race, enjoy yourself and share in the fun.

The public is present the length the race in order to support you. The crazy atmosphere and the musical entertainment are incredible for helping participants reach the finish.