sermur-cef-fifine-fouine--j-damase-2015-16.jpgEnfants courant dans les chemins dans la forêt dans la Creuse
©Chemin creux à Sermur|Copyright Joel Damase

With the children

In Creuse, it is possible to practice a nature activity with the family. The gentle rolling hills allow hike from a young age, the facilities around the lakes and ponds allow for peaceful walks and some sites have specially designed tours adapted for children.

Livret jeu Fifine la fouineLivret jeu La creuse en famille
©Joel Damase


Walking your kids will no longer be a chore! To make it fun for everyone, we’ve set up “Sweet Hour” routes adapted in elevation and distance to be accessible to younger children and strollers.

The older ones will be motivated to discover and collect the Poï’Z well hidden in the caches of Terra Aventura the Geocaching made in New Aquitaine.

River fishing

The Creuse and its 3400 km of rivers and streams, is an ideal playground for whitewater fishing enthusiasts. Marche et Combraille in Aquitaine offers a network of quality waterways. From the banks of the Tardes with the No kill course at Bonlieu to the banks of the Rozeille, you are spoiled for choice! Get in touch with the departmental fishing federation to learn about the regulations in effect in our department.

The Creuse


The Creuse

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