Tour du Lac
Tour du Lac de Vassivière©TLVTour du Lac de Vassivière©TLV
©Tour du Lac de Vassivière©TLV |Tour du Lac de Vassivière©TLV

Tour du Lac Pedestrian and Nordic Walking

Saturday 24 and Sunday 25 June 2023

A site…some tests…and much more !
Challenge Lake Vassivière on this 26th edition even more intense with two flagship events:

  • The classic, 23 Km 400 in running mode on a hilly course using the circumlacustrine road.
  • The 26 km Nordic Walking, registered on the calendar “National Nordic Tour” and skirting the lake by the shoreline path, will allow to rub shoulders with the best French and Regional walkers. This event of the championship of New Aquitaine support the Championship “Nordic Walking Lana” will be an opportunity to score many points.Other events will allow a large audience to take part in this great sporting weekend bringing together nearly 900 runners: 9.5 km nature, Nordic walking discovery of 9 km and the children’s races of 800 or 1600 m.



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