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PDC2022 ©David Quesemand (54)PDC2022 ©David Quesemand (54)
©PDC2022 ©David Quesemand (54)
Vassivière, Auphelle and ...further !

Words of storytellers

August 18 – 26, 2023


PDC2022 ©David Quesemand (28)PDC2022 ©David Quesemand (28)
©PDC2022 ©David Quesemand (28)|Paroles de Conteurs Vassiviere 2022 ©David Quesemand

Let yourself be transported into the fantastic, the illusion, the unreal, the unconscious. Take the time to listen, to travel, to love, to walk, to have an aperitif, to have a picnic, to bathe, to sleep, to watch… !
8 days of travel to Vassivière (in Creuse, Haute Vienne, Limousin, New Aquitaine … to the end of the world), to share words of and for all …
“Strolls Told”, shows outside the Walls, young audience to see in family, “Open Scenes”, “Siestas Told”, “Aperos Tales” and the legendary “Evening Shows” … But also, professional day, training courses and on the spot every day: games, workshops, off, animations, bookshop, radio, refreshment bar, restoration… Without forgetting the MiniMômes !
A sixty appointments, surprises and shows to punctuate your days!

Association Conte en Creuse



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