Faites Des Bergers Vassiviere©Maxime Authier 2022Faites Des Bergers Vassiviere©maxime Authier
©Faites Des Bergers Vassiviere©Maxime Authier |Maxime Authier 2022
Peyrat le Château

Festivals of Shepherds

July 22, 2022

The festival of sheep and pastoralism in Limousin

Here, in Vassivière, we pay special attention to nature in order to rediscover the original landscapes and open up the panoramas.
We all have stories of shepherdesses and ewes in our imagination, which remind us of our childhood!”
Here, the eco-grazing is a reality. Thus, in these beautiful colorful spaces, you may come across, at the bend of a path, a shepherdess guarding her sheep with her dog*.
The ewes have been reintroduced, as in the past, and graze the moor.
In season, share her experience by following her during her transhumance around the lake and during the “Shepherds“.

  • On the program: small transhumance, sorting ewes and herding dog work, shearing, sorting wool and working with felt, exchanges with shepherds, breeders and managers of natural areas. Shows for young and old will be on the program, as well as a farmers’ market, a refreshment bar and food stalls to eat on site.



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