Non-stop Stand-Up-PaddleThe 10h of Vassivière
Paddle Le Lac de Vassiviere©Maxime Authier 2022Paddle Le Lac de Vassiviere©Maxime Authier 2022
©Paddle Le Lac de Vassiviere©Maxime Authier 2022|Maxime Authier 2022

The 10h of Vassivière

Saturday, July 1th, 2023


BD_Le_Lac-de_Vassivière©Maxime_Authier_2022 (358)BD_Le_Lac-de_Vassivière©Maxime_Authier_2022 (358)
©BD_Le_Lac-de_Vassivière©Maxime_Authier_2022 (358)|Maxime Authier 2022

A unique endurance race in France which gathers this discipline’s elite or the most courageous who compete non-stop 10h on a paddle, either as a team or alone. The 4h challenges, based on the same principle, as well as the children’s allow a larger public to join in the adventure.

Extra :
– “Paddle EXPO zone”Race to be followed live on facebook on Live Total Sup
– Giant screen on the beach throughout the event
– Opening of the 4 hours to paddle prones (lying on boards)
– 3Bay Paddle will be present on the Paddle Expo Zone and 3Bay trophy for the best riders on a 3Bay board on the 10 hours
– Presentation of all the participants on Friday evening on the podium.