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Here, nature will already be your oxygen bubble!!
An environment that is both rural and animated by the proximity of a major tourist site, a warm village, it is this living environment that motivated a team of young health professionals to embark on an ambitious and innovative project dedicated to care and well-being.
In 2023, in Peyrat le Château, 5 minutes from Lake Vassivière,  a new space bringing together different approaches around health, will see the light of day !

Vassivière :  well-being and health… naturally !

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Antoine, can you present your ties to the region in a few words?

“First of all, I grew up here, I went to school in Peyrat le Château. Very sporty, I took full advantage of this vast terrain of sports grandeur nature that are the lake of Vassivière and the Plateau de Millevaches or I went fishing, biking, orienteering and other water activities.
I often say I grew up “between the gyms and the outdoors”.I also traveled a lot… and yet… I realized that my life was here, in the Limousin.
In 2015, I came back to build my project, here in Peyrat le Château. I opened my osteopathy practice by combining my other skills as a sophrologist and former sportsman.

PLC Santé, the birth of an adventure! How did you motivate a team around this project?

The team of permanent professionals who carry this project is made up of young practitioners, who, like me, appreciate the territory, work there and are settled there with their small family. Some of them, like Gabriel, a Parisian osteopath colleague, fell in love with our Limousin countryside during replacements or training courses and settled down with us.
Others, in particular occasional contributors of our network, will join us.
The essential to build a welded team, it is to share values, our attachment to this rural land, to this natural environment which brings us an undeniable quality of life.
“when we discover the territory, we take root there”.
This professional network is also a network of friends with a common motivation to group our skills within an innovative concept boosting and enhancing the territory both in the field of care, well-being, sport-health and thereby tourism.

How is your project innovative and differentiating?

Care centers, there are plenty, wellness spaces, too.
Structures that bring together this mix of skills with traditional care professionals, complementary approaches such as osteopathy (assimilated paramedical) and natural care (Shiatsu, sophrology, aquatic relaxation, yoga…), there are few!
In addition, PLC Santé will offer a balneo open to all, allowing to complete the tourist offer of the destination Lake Vassivière.
This balneo of 5m x 4 m will offer a really warm water conducive to total relaxation, at 35 °.

A balneotherapy for holidaymakers, can you develop?

The main activity of the balneotherapy will be the primary care of the daily life as osteopathy.
However, we named our project “sport-nature-health” insofar as we wish to develop training courses and workshops in the day or ½ day, open to all and in particular to the tourists in stay.
We will propose initiation to relaxation, sophrology or adapted aquatic gym, in the water, as well as simple relaxation sessions in the evening…
The idea is to work in partnership with the socio-professionals of tourism (accommodation providers for example) to open dedicated slots for holidaymakers, while making our skills available, for those who wish it.

Imagine, after a good hike around the lake, on the shore path… dive into 35° water, dimmed light, soft music and … a break in total relaxation!!

What will be the originality of the place?

Particular attention will be paid to both the architecture and the interior spaces located in a large green garden.
In fact, the center will drain a significant flow of visitors every day. It seems interesting to us to exploit these spaces of passage and waiting as places of exhibition to develop this territory rich in culture. We already have a relationship with the Centre international d’art et du paysage and wish to work on other partnerships to make our spaces available to local artists or creators.

When will it open?

The opening was planned for 2023, however the 30% increase in the price of materials due to the economic context, disrupts our forecasts.

We are almost there, the building permit is validated, we are looking for complementary partnerships to be able to give the first shovelful.

Every little help brings us closer to the opening and we have actually opened a donation collection.

The whole team is very confident for the continuation of the adventure.