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What is a Greeter?

"Greeters", this concept of participatory tourism was born in New-York with Big Apple Greeters ! Based on human experience and exchange, a meeting with a Greeter is each time unique.

Meet a Greeter

A Greeter is a voluntary person who welcomes for free, who loves to share their anecdotes, their passions, their loves. Our Greeters will lead you off the beaten track so you can discover their Creuse, just as they would with a friend. From a simple "meeting for advice" up to a friendly walk in a small group: it’s an opportunity to discover the Creuse in a different way.

You’d like to meet our Greeters ?


Become a Greeter

Proud of being from the Creuse? Make it known! You're a resident of the Creuse and you love your département, the place xhére you live and you're proud of it ? Why not share this enthusiasm with visitors or tourists?