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"Café de l'Espace"

“Café de l’Espace”

“Le café de l’espace” is an entertaining place with rich and varied cultural programming, but it’s also a place to live  in ! It’s difficult to put it in a nutshell, the variety of things to do in so our best advice is to have a trip in “Space Cafe” 🙂


An collaborative “Café” in Flayat

2000 : To avoid definitive “café” closure in Flayat, inhabitants decided to create a new place to improving access to culture for as many as possible. Here, far from big cities,  in “Plateau de Millevaches” this collaborative “café” is an ideal balance between traditional and modernity.


Cultural Programming

All year round, you could attend a public performance : concerts, theatre, debate with “Winter Bistro “. Find furthers informations on “Café de l’espace’s Facebook page” .