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Naturally unmissable

Vassivière Lake

We look for it, we sense it, we catch a glimpse of it… And here it is, in a wild green setting !

Suddenly, in the Limousin moutain, in the thousand streams land, today the Millevaches Natural Regional Park, the Vassivière lake emerges. A feeling of “little Canada ” is in the air… The change of scenery is guaranteed !

A thousand hectares of expanse of water, 45km of indented shores which seem to have always been a feature in the landscape… However, it is one of the largest artificial lakes of France.

Vassivière offers a timeless landscape, a peacefull bubble in a site with multiple aspects. Lands for adventures in the water as well as in deep wilderness, authentic encounters, artistic surprises, cultural events and sport challenges punctuate the seasons.

Imagine already your next holiday memories !



Le Lac de Vassivière, au rythme du pays
Le Lac de Vassivière, au rythme du pays
Le Lac de Vassivière, au rythme du pays