Make your children walk with pleasure thanks to this free experience of playful discovery of the Limousin.

The Comité Régional du Tourisme Nouvelle-Aquitaine offers each year a new season of Terra Aventura, the Geocaching made in Limousin. This fun activity consists of searching with the help of a GPS or the app on your smartphone, a “cache” containing a few objects (the treasure).

More than 400 caches are now spread throughout the Region, allowing you to discover through riddles and a little walking, the history, heritage and local environmental wealth.

Genuine outdoor activity for families and curious people of all ages, aficionados of the technology of cultural and sports outings; Terra Aventura also offers to discover the “Poï’z” (emblematic characters characterizing the caches and puzzles: for example “Zeroik”, “Zabdo” or even “Zeïdon”…). These different Poï’z are to be collected, but you will have to beware of the “Bad Poï’z”!

Info on our territory’s cache:

Benevent-l’Abbaye: Fripon, Marion’s little sheep

Poï’z: Zéllé
Theme of the cache: Tales and legends
Duration of the route: 1h-2h
Distance to be covered: 2Km
Accessible with a stroller

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