Augères is a small commune of twelve km2, with hardly more than 100 inhabitants, 120 at the census of 2019, located 20 kms southwest of Guéret.

Human occupation is very old, proven by the presence of a tumulus whose excavation exhumed objects from the Bronze Age exhibited in the museum of Guéret. The commune results from the merger of two parishes Augères and Villard hence the presence of two churches and two cemeteries.

Interesting sites can be discovered during walks:

The village of Augères with its granite mansions and its small square around the church and its shingled bell tower

The village of La Pouyade with its niche housing a statuette and with, further on, the tree of liberty: a word that is heavy with meaning because it was carved during the occupation.

Some of the tombs in the Villard cemetery are remarkable and worth a visit. They are built of “fake wood” trunks, beams, cement boards. We talk about the “tree masonry” of the “rock artists” we can also admire this art in Paris in the Bois de Vincennes, Parc Monceaux…….

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