Relaxation and rejuvenation
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Relaxation and rejuvenation

Comme une envie de lézarder au soleil et de laisser la vie passer à une terrasse de café ? De ne rien faire d’autre que s’allonger sur l’herbe et de laisser ses doigts couler dans les ruisseaux ? Venez goûter aux joies de la déconnexion…Ici, point de stress, point d’agitations inutiles, vos 5 sens seront en éveil pour découvrir, à votre rythme, une nature authentique et profiter de notre air pur. Reconnectez-vous au grands espaces, propices à l’inaction et au repos réparateur.

Feeling like basking in the sun and letting life pass by on a café terrace? Doing nothing but lie on the grass and let the stream run through your fingers ? Come and taste the joys of disconnection … Here, no stress, no unnecessary agitation, your 5 senses will be awakened to discover, at your own pace, an authentic nature and enjoy our pure air. Reconnect to the great outdoors, conducive to inaction and restorative rest.

What if you took advantage of a day or two to clear your mind, charge your batteries, find yourself … or simply do nothing! 

Switch off the phone, forget the daily strains, think of nothing … but yourself! 

Sit at the foot of some mossy stones at the top of a hill, by the side of a calm pond in the early morning, by the river and listen … The water is calm or tumultuous, the birds sing for only you, the foliage shivers, your heart spares the passing of time.

Go ahead, it’s free! 

We want to tell you, but only because it’s you. It’s like a secret, a little treasure, something to pass on only to those we love. These are the special places, these places where we like to go to read, listen, take a nap… chill out !

Of course there is water: the edges of the lakes of Lavaugelade or Vassivière inspiring and soothing … but also the banks of rivers, such as the Creuse at Moutier d’Ahun or the Thaurion in Thauron or Pontarion. It’s easy to set your deck chair up to enjoy the sun.To soak up the nature, nothing like the forest of Epagne, where the hundred-year-old trees widely spread their energy. Stone also transmits its power to us. What could be better than to sit on top of the Pierre aux 9 gradins (the 9 tier rock) or the Pierres Boutelines to meditate or simply think.

There are also these unusual places imbued with a mysterious force … The site of Saint Pardoux, the chapel of Notre Dame de la Borne, the crypt of the church of Ahun, the village of Champroy are part of those places. We discover them on tiptoe, so as not to disturb anything, in silence and then … we never forget them. 




Portrait de Guillaume, triathlètePortrait de Guillaume, triathlète
©Portrait de Guillaume, triathlète

«In the Creuse, I am in my element, I am surrounded by nature, in my environment… I am as a man an element of that ! »

Guillaume Clavé, triathlète