Bénévent l'Abbaye

Bénévent l’Abbaye

Bénévent l’Abbaye, Petite Cité de Caractère® is a must-see stop in the department of La Creuse.

Bénévent l’Abbaye invites you to discover its very beautiful 11th and 12th century abbey church, in a transitional Romanesque style. The very homogeneous architecture is typical of the Limousin Romanesque art. Its massive porch bell tower, its polylobed entrance portal and its octagonal lantern on the transept crossing make this building an exceptional monument.

The city is renowned forits know-how, in particular by its factory of chestnut shingles, one of the only ones in Europe to work in the rules of art. It puts its expertise to the service of historical monuments and has, among others, covered the roofs of Mont-Saint-Michel. The village has worked on the restoration of its facades and presents colorful houses that create a beautiful whole.

A wing of the abbey has been rehabilitated into artists’ and arts and crafts workshops and exhibition rooms. Labeled “Small Cities of Character” the commune is very attached to the protection of its heritage and natural heritage (almost all public buildings are heated with wood or geothermal).

Situated on a route of Santiago de Compostela, Bénévent l’Abbaye is a beautiful stage for pilgrims and hikers. It also offers an original show by inviting you in its time machine: the Scénovision®. You will be told the story of Marion, a young peasant girl in the 1900s, Paul Pelissier, a pharmacist-distiller and Rene, a companion and pilgrim.

The Scénovision® of Bénévent-l’Abbaye is more than a visit, it is an experience to live!”

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