Located 30 km from Guéret, Ceyroux is a commune of 128 inhabitants. Its territory is shared between agriculture and forests, which is favourable to walks.

This setting also attracts many people as second homes. This significantly increases the population during the summer. Several hiking trails allow you to discover beautiful landscapes. Hikes are organized in the area but also flea markets, markets, painting exhibitions (painting workshop on the commune).

In the surrounding area, different structures can accommodate tourists (camping, rural cottages and guest rooms). Our commune is equipped with optical fiber which favors telecommuting. In addition, Ceyroux has in its subsoil former gold mines and pits have been exploited in the past.

Four sites: the washhouse of the town, the covered well, the low wall of the path of the motte castrale, the fountain of Chazelles and its shaded path will be highlighted soon thanks to our association “Ceyroux Yesterday and Today”. We also have a charming little church that can be visited.

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