Cultural and historical discoveries
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Cultural and historical discoveries

Our territory is 100% natural, as much by its landscapes, its green nature as by its heritage.

A true book of stone – Abbatiale St Barthélémy de Bénévent-l’Abbaye

Destined to transmit through the centuries the religious, philosophical and social thought of our ancestors. The church of Benevent had the good fortune to be raised by the mason monks, companion stonemasons, carpenters or initiated masons who possessed the philosophy of architecture.

They left on the church the marks of the road to Santiago de Compostela: scallop shells on two capitals, companion signs engraved on the stones, Mozarabic architectural peculiarities, … House of the people and of god, today as in the past, this edifice is the conservatory of Celtic tradition, its proportions and its numbers.


Le Scénovision®

A story to see, feel and dream… For 10 years, Marion tells you here her joys, her sorrows, her village, her Creuse… Listening to her story and her meeting with Paul Pellissier, pharmacist and distiller, nature breathes Creuse coffee and the distillery of the liqueur la Bénéventine comes alive… With her, we learn the secrets of the distillation of the Beneventine, a liqueur of the pharmacist Paul Pellissier, made in his laboratory in Benevent-l’Abbaye. Around tender and endearing characters, Marion, her husband Sylvain, her grandmother, Father Bouyer, bistrotier of Bénévent, Father Tixier, dean of the masons of Creuse…

Let yourself be transported back to 1900, to the encounter of memories that we all share. In the first six rooms, you become “spectators” and use all your senses to discover the life of the Limousin at the end of the nineteenth century: relief projections, odorama, theater and cinema-ma sets… Under the bell tower of the church with its elaborate framework, another story begins. Through the Romanesque windows, lightning strikes and new characters appear: Marion’s sons, one of whom learns the carpenter’s trade and leaves to do his Tour de France when the First World War begins. At the end of the conflict, he takes the road again on the way to Santiago de Compostela…