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Do you want to get back to nature, to peace and quiet, in a preserved environment and enjoy the pleasures of fishing? Well, you have found your resort because here there is no shortage of fishing spots: ponds, lakes, rivers … As for the fans of scuba diving, let yourself be surprised by a training site of 40m deep created in an old granite quarry!

Friends fishermen, you will find here your happiness

For River Fishing, the spots are of course “la petite Creuse” with its wild trout but also its small whitewater fish, gudgeon, minnows… but also “La Creuse” for carnivores.

2 other developed bodies of water are also conducive to pond fishing as well as water activities and swimming: the water plan of the Prugne and that of Mortroux.

Water plan in Mortroux

The pond of the Wood in Mortroux is a charming bucolic site that invites to picnics and fishing parties. Fishing is regulated on this pond. It is open only on weekends and holidays.

Plan d’eau de la Prugne

This pond is rather reserved for carp, tench, roach … Perfectly equipped, it also has a parking lot adapted for people with reduced mobility and handi fishing pontoons. Children, as well as adults, will be able to discover the fauna and flora thanks to the playful course around this theme.

Dam of Champsanglard

There is also a 55-hectare reservoir at the level of the dam of Champsanglard. The lake of Champsanglard is located on the bed of the Creuse River. It is very popular with nature lovers and fishermen, for its wild character and its wooded and diversified landscapes with large steep cliffs. It has a good fish density in white fish (roach, bream, rotengle), a very remarkable population of carnivores (pike perch, pike, perch) and cyprinids.

Good to know: A boat ramp has been installed at Chambon. Ideal for fishing enthusiasts



La Graule Subaquatique

Located at a place called La Graule in the Forêt du Temple, on the border of the Indre department, the federal diving center “La Graule Subaquatique” is a unique training site prized by divers from all regions. Created on the old granite quarries of the Ateliers Maître company, this base was inaugurated on September 11, 1999 . The quarry goes down to a depth of 40 meters and can accommodate about forty divers simultaneously. This site, property of the Community of Communes is managed by the Committee Centre of the French Federation of Studies and Sports Underwater (manager).

  • It is a place of reception of diving clubs for sports practice and training. The equipment is as follows:
    a compressor
  • a “soft” launch and platforms, one at 40 meters with lighting, one at 20 meters and 2 others at 10 and 5 meters.
  • two changing rooms with showers and cabins,
  • an infirmary,
  • an office of the permanent allowing to welcome divers,
  • upstairs classrooms and a refectory.

Comité Régional Centre de la FFESSM / Tél 02 47 40 25 41
or Maison des Sports – Rue de l’Aviation – 37210 PARCAY MESLAY.

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