Running on the Roof of the Limousin
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Discover the trail on the Plateau de Millevaches

Drive to the foothills of the Massif Central, in New Aquitaine to discover trail, a sport of running, over long distances, in a natural environment. The ideal when you love wide open spaces and want to set yourself new challenges!

6 days in the heart of the Plateau de Millevaches with its superb wild landscapes, its green forests, and its steep paths: the ideal format for a first approach to trail running in the middle of the mountains supervised by a state-qualified mountain guide and a physiotherapist-osteopath.

Published on 21 July 2020
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Who is this discovery stay for?

  • You are a running enthusiast (at least once a week and are able to run at least 20 km on hilly trails).
  • You need advice on how to better manage trails and elevation changes? (good practices and tips to avoid injuries and be able to practice trail running safely).
  • You want to discover the feeling of running in the middle of nature, on ridges and peaks?

    Then this introduction to trail running is made for you!

Day by day

The program

Day 1 :

Clédat – Larfeuil – Distance : 5,2 km – D+ : 120 m – D- : 127 m
Direction the lodging of Larfeuil to make knowledge, then we put on our running clothes and departure for the village of Clédat for a small visit. Return to the lodging by running. A little warm-up on a lung to discover the playground of the Limousin runners!


Larfeuil – Millevaches – 26 km – D+: 473 m – D-: 381 m
Start at 8 am. On the program: the Limousin village, the forest and an overview of the peat bogs. The afternoon will be devoted to the physiology of effort in trail then visit the house of the Regional Natural Park of Millevaches in Limousin.

Day 3:

Millevaches – Neuvialle – Distance: 22 km – D+: 334 m – D-: 391 m
Departure at 9am for a outing to the sources of the Vienne. Passage by the peat bogs of Négarioux-Malsagne. Arrival at the lodge for lunch. The afternoon will be devoted to nutrition.

Day 4:

Neuvialle – Le Bonneix – Distance: 18 km – D+: 400 m – D-: 127 m
Start at 9 am to discover a heather moor from where you can observe the Auvergne mountains. The opportunity to cross some villages with typical architecture. Then, passage along the Gioune (one of the 20 rivers labeled wild rivers of France) and welcome at the gite. The afternoon will be devoted to injuries in the sports trailer and their prevention.


Le Bonneix – Grand Bois – Distance: 18 km – D+: 500 m – D-: 449 m
Start at 9am. Some small hills at the start then application of the TAP system techniques. Discovery of the ruins of a gallo-roman villa, in Gioux and passage in undergrowth. Then a sequence of small single tracks to work the supports. The afternoon will be devoted to the equipment of the traileur for his well-being and safety.

Day 6:

Grand-Bois – Felletin – Distance: 6.6 km – D+: 43 m – D-: 198 m
After breakfast, running departure to Felletin. After a short visit of this city with a remarkable heritage, picnic on the Creuse river bank. Return to the lodge and review of the week.



Accommodation and full board

To facilitate this turnkey sports stay, a person specially dedicated to logistics ensures the transportation of luggage and takes care of meals and picnics.

You are accommodated in century-old houses located in the heart of the forest or in hamlets. These cottages are the perfect places to enjoy both nature and outdoor activities.
Offering all the necessary comforts, they are real little bubbles of well-being, calm and tranquility. Let yourself be amazed by the splendor of the surrounding landscape.

Equipment to bring

A change of clothes
Multiple pairs of shoes
Rain jacket, cap, gloves, sunglasses and small fleece
Water bottle or water pouch


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