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Bed and Breakfast

Article L 324-3 of the Tourism Code defines as guest rooms, rooms furnished in the home with a view to welcoming tourists, for a fee, for one or more nights, accompanied by services:
– the reception is assured by the inhabitant
– 5 rooms maximum per dwelling for a capacity of 15 people maximum
– each guest room gives access (directly or indirectly) to a shower room and a WC
– the household linen and the breakfast are provided

1. the formalities

To open a bed and breakfast, be aware that the only mandatory step is the declaration in the town hall (article L. 324-16 of the tourism code).

This free step can also be done online, your pre-declaration will be automatically transmitted to the town hall of the location of the tourist accommodation.

Find on the site of the Ministry of Economy all the information related to taxation, registration with the Trade and Companies Register (RCS), regulatory obligations…

2. Get to know each other

There are different ways to promote your business.

The Aubusson-Felletin Tourist Office references the tourist accommodation offer for free on its communication media: website and paper brochure Contact us, your contact at the Tourist Office:
Edwige Fleury – Tel. 05 55 66 32 12 or by email

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3. Qualification and Labels

In contrast to a furnished tourist accommodation, a guest room cannot be star-rated but only labeled or certified.
This is not compulsory but voluntary.

A label is a guarantee of quality and comfort that reassures the customer about the environmental, comfort and equipment requirements of the guest room, in short a minimum level of service. Belonging to a label also offers you better visibility and professional guidance.

There are about ten different labels in France. Each label has its own characteristics and requires compliance with a precise set of specifications. Find below the main labels and qualifications.

List of labels and qualifications:

Chambre d’hôtes référence®
The purpose of Chambre d’hôtes référence® is to provide an opportunity for non-labeled bed and breakfasts to guarantee their guests the quality of their service.

Hébergement Qualité Creuse
This 100% Creuse brand was created by Creuse Tourisme in order to guarantee the quality of properties that, without being Gîtes de France or Clévacances, still meet the main standards of the market and online booking.

Gîtes de France Creuse
The best-known national label that brings together more than 45,000 owners of gîtes and guest rooms. Under the name “Charmance” guest rooms are listed in ears of corn: 1 to 5 ears.

Fleurs de soleil
The Fleurs de Soleil label selects its members on the basis of the values that are its own, namely: the quality of the welcome, the comfort of the houses, the friendliness and availability of its owners…

List of thematic labels and brands:

Tourism & Disability
Created in 2001 by the Ministry of Tourism, the brand provides a guarantee of an efficient welcome adapted to the essential needs of people with disabilities (motor, mental, visual and hearing). Your referent: Tourism & Handicap – Karine BERDOULAT – Tel : 06 71 78 46 50 –

European Ecolabel
Is your tourist accommodation environmentally friendly? The European Ecolabel enhances your commitment and allows you to be spotted by travelers looking for eco-responsible vacations.

The Parc Naturel Régional de Millevaches en Limousin Marque Valeurs
Is your tourist accommodation located on the territory of the PNR de Millevaches? The NRP supports owners of tourist accommodation who are committed to responsible approaches to the development and preservation of the territory. The guarantee of an authentic stay for visitors to the territory.

The Accueil vélo brand
Bicycle tourism is booming and meets new customer aspirations. Perhaps your accommodation is located on the La Creuse bicycle route? Accueil Vélo is a national brand that guarantees cycling tourists a quality welcome and services. Contact Creuse Tourism to join the mark.

Fishing Accommodation
The “Fishing Accommodation” qualification is a specific label for the fishing public. Your accommodation must offer suitable facilities for drying, cleaning equipment and outfits but also a room to keep live and bait… and are of course located near a fishing site.

4. Good to know

Price display

As an accommodation provider, you must clearly display the price of each service provided (the price of each room breakfast included, the price of services ancillary to the rooms, for example the table d’hôtes and finally the price of the tourist tax per day and per person) :

  • outside your house or apartment
  • inside, in the room that serves as a reception area for the guests
  • in each room

You also have the obligation to provide the guest with an itemized note, including the different services and the total amount due.

The table d’hôtes

Providing the Table d’hôtes service can be a plus for your accommodation, especially when the nearest restaurant is located several kilometers away. However, be sure to respect the 4 following conditions:

  • The table d’hôtes must be offered only to guests staying in the guest room
  • Propose a single menu and quality cuisine made with local ingredients
  • Serve the meal at the family table
  • Offer a capacity limited to that of the accommodation.

The meal rate is not included in the bed and breakfast rate, it is an extra charge.

The tourist tax

The Community of Communes Creuse Grand Sud has instituted a tourist tax on 24 of the 26 communes in its territory (For Gentioux-Pigerolles and Faux-la-Montagne, please contact the Office of Tourism Le Lac de Vassivière).
As an accommodation provider, you are required to collect it. Find all the information about the tourist tax here

Help you to

find the right place

The Creuse Grand Sud community of communes can direct you to business sale/takeover offers on our territory.

Contact Amandine BONNAUD, in charge of the Welcome-Attractiveness mission at the Development and Territory Planning Department of the community of communes.

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