Géocaching “Terra Aventura”

The hunt for Poï’z is open! Choose a route, solve puzzles and find the treasure of this modern-time treasure hunt. There are 31 characters to collect.


Terra Aventura is inspired by a global game called geocaching. It is a treasure hunt that is practiced outdoors using a free application. Boxes called “caches” are hidden in nature. The goal . Discover the location of the cache and the treasure it contains!

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Find the “caches” of our area!

“Au milieu coule une rivière” – Aubusson

“Aventures lainières” – Felletin

“Notre Dame de Sous-Terre veille” – St Quentin la Chabanne

“Mille pierres” – Gioux

“Entre histoire et nature, sur la voie des poupées” – Vallière

“Sur les traces des tailleurs de pierre” – Gentioux

There are more than 400 “caches” spread over Nouvelle Aquitaine, allowing you to discover the riches of our history and heritage.

A “Travel Bug” is an object that moves from one “cache” to another and that can be tracked. It originally belonged to a geocacher and will live his own story during its adventures in “caches”.

It sometimes has a specific purpose and some are coveted because of their rarity or their success. In any case the “Travel Bug” never leave indifferent the geocachers who find them.

I you find a “Travel Bug” or if you yourself want to create and put on the adventure path your own “Travel Bug”, go to Track travel Bug or geocaching.com.


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