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In Maisonnisses

Maisonnisses, an unorthodox village !

Ihave been to Maisonnisses so often! The villageis only a few miles from my home.

Icross it ptogo further . Itake my friends andfamily to discover the church and its recumbent, the crypt, the old linden treethe Gartempe still in its creek state.

For the past few years, I’ve tended to systematically stop by the Place des Templiers and I’m sure I’ll be surprised there! Depending on the time of year, installations, artistic achievements, misappropriation of objects and otherdecorations embellish the town. Even the old phone booth turned self-service library benefits from these ephemeraldressingsimaginative and colorful.

How nice to see how much residents love where they live and are invested in making it beautiful! I too feel like now, using all those forgotten items lying aroundnt in my garage and making them beautiful and unique decorations in my garden.


Where to go?


The queen of numbers! Every purchase and sale passes through her hands (and her calculator). She gets, counts, recounts, adds,subtracts, multiplies and compares! To leave this digital world she voluntarily takes up gardening and DIY. She loves to beautify her environment, to bloom her daily life, to cultivate her garden, quite simply.