Village of MasgotA life-size investigation gameSouth West Creuse
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I tested for you: Murders in Masgot

Dive into a 19th century police case, the investigators must search for clues, answer questions, verify suspects’ alibis, and unmask the murderer of letter carrier Marcel Gazette, who was found dead in Masgot Village! Who killed this kind letter carrier?

Published on 29 July 2021

Passionate about nature, wide open spaces and therefore inevitably about the Creuse, he loves to share his discoveries :-)

Murders in Masgot

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Today, I have the chance to test “Murders in Masgot,” a life-size investigation game in the village of Masgot.

The goal: collect clues and discover the murderer.

Forwards to a Giant Cluedo!


A giant clue hunt in the village of Masgot, here’s something to keep the kids busy on this beautiful July day.

Here we go, heading for Fransèches. Arrived on the spot, Salomé, wearing the Sherlock Holmes hat, explains us the plot and the mechanics of the game: search the crime scenes and look for clues to unmask the guilty.

Once the prints are taken, we head to the crime scene to soak up the atmosphere of the place.

Here we are, launched into the village at the whim of our inspections: a cellar, a shed, a strange cabinet of curiosities…

We snoop around, picking up evidence that we report on our game notebook not without having confronted our scenarios with the physical evidence.

A little trip to the sculpture workshop and we learn a lot…

As we go along, the noose tightens, the evidence accumulates and finally, the final denouement is there: the culprit is indeed the one we suspected for some time.

After so much adventure, we take a break at the “Mange Caillou”story to recover from our emotions and restore us with good local products.

You have not escaped us M le Meutrier !

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FARE: 4€ child* // 8€ adult
* (-10 years old) / Free -6years old


As you may have noticed, our participation in this full-scale game was done in 2019, before the COVID crisis.

A new concept has been implemented since then. Here are the new features:


In solo, duo or tribe, the investigators receive a booklet in which are recorded, among other things: the description of the victim and suspects, a newspaper excerpt, a map of the village with the different scenes (stations). New concept 2021: a tool kit to reveal the clues (because it is forbidden to touch the scenery…because of the fingerprints and the COVID…)
1- OBSERVATIONS: The investigators go to the different stations.
2- RESEARCH: They look for clues with the help of specific and personal tools for each team (new concept). An activity is provided for the children at each location.
3- REFLECTIONS: From location to location, the investigators verify the alibis of the suspects and find the murderer!
A reward is given to each detective at the end of the game!

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