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Creuse Sud Ouest

My experience in kayaking on the Maulde river

Whitewater kayaking

1h30 along the water, to discover the Maulde and the Lac de Vassivière. White water, a few rapids, wide open spaces: a perfect cocktail for a successful afternoon 🙂

Published on 22 November 2019

Passionate about nature, wide open spaces and therefore necessarily the Creuse, he loves to share his discoveries :-)

Creuse Sud Ouest

Whitewater descent

Thrills and freedom
Cap Sud Ouest Millevaches canoë sur la Maulde
Cap Sud Ouest Millevaches canoë sur la Maulde
Cap Sud Ouest Millevaches canoë sur la Maulde

1h30 along the water, on the Maulde river, between meanders and rapids

This course, supervised by qualified instructors, is accessible to everyone from 14 years old.You will embark in an unsinkable kayak a place for a descent in white water in an exceptional protected natural setting.The first part of the descent will allow you to familiarize yourself with the practice of kayaking on a smooth current and to enjoy the middle of heather moors, forests … Then a succession of fast-moving rapids will guide you to the Lac deVassivière where the finish is remarkable.The sensations are guaranteed !!!

The appointment is given Wednesday at the beginning of the afternoon on the beach of Broussas.
After a quick brief on the safety instructions, the choice of my life jacket, we help load the paddles and kayaks and off we go for about twenty minutes in the van.
Direction downstream from Faux la Montagne lake.

We unload the kayaks, then we put them in the water.Time to familiarize yourself with the changes of direction, and off we went.


My profession in tourism often reserves great discoveries.
So when I was offered to participate in a video shoot on the descent of the Maulde by kayak, I did not hesitate for long.
A different and more sporty way of discovering the landscapes of Lake Vassivière where I had been working for several years.


I discover at the option of the bends and turns, the grasses which undulate with the slow current; the verdant banks, which sometimes drop enough to show the peat bogs and fields.

We pass under footbridges, we follow the course of the water with pleasure; the kayak responds well to each stroke of the paddle. I take delight in this moment apart, isolated in the bubble, the fingers brush the warm water.

The group stops, I “park” my kayak in the grass and I jump into the water, I let myself float and slowly deviate; the day is sunny, a little freshness is good. Then, we have fun climbing a tree, the branch overlooking the stream makes an excellent improvised diving board.

Flo, our guide, explains the construction of the Vassivière dam, the flora and fauna around the Maulde; super informative.

We take the kayaks back, and we continue. The river becomes more and more lively, I stop after a first series of rapids, we each take our turn to make room and that the images are nicer; the best put on the show under the eye of the cameraman.

The second series of rapids is just great, I pay attention to the passage of the bridge to position myself correctly, my kayak slams, jumps and bounces on the water; my on-board camera cannot withstand shocks, no time to worry about it, it will finish the descent to the bottom of the kayak.

The sensations are excellent, I tell myself that I have a great job 🙂

Then, the river calms down, widens, it is the arrival on the Lake of Vassivière; the shores recede as far as the eye can see and we head towards Broussas beach, the end of our descent.

I put my kayak back on the beach, put down my paddle and take off my life jacket. I deserved a little swim !!!

Practical information :

Price : 25 € per person

Kayak Club Eymoutiers
Wednesday afternoons in July – August
Meet at the canoe rental point on the Broussas peninsula
Duration of the activity: 1h30
Prerequisites for the activity: From 14 years old, know how to swim at least 20 m and immerse yourself, wearing a safety vest, not presenting any contraindication to the practice of water sports.
Bring: closed shoes, a change of clothes, something to protect yourself from the sun, from water.
Booking is recommended
Phone.: +33 6 72 24 81 97 –