Village Du Moutier D'ahun©m.raffardVillage Du Moutier D'ahun©m.raffard
©Village Du Moutier D'ahun©m.raffard
Moutier d'Ahun

Moutier d’Ahun’s city

Moutier d’Ahun was selected for the French TV show “Le Village Préféré des Français” (France 2). This beautiful little village has conquered a good part of the French and occupies a very good 10th place in their hearts!

The pearl of the banks of the Creuse

Located on the banks of the Creuse, the village of Moutier d´Ahun has remained authentic, retaining its low houses and its medieval bridge.Its beautiful Romanesque church, the heritage of a Benedictine monastery founded in 997, also conceals a treasure.Today it is famous for its 17th century woodwork, sculpted by Simon Bauer and his companions from the Baroque period.

Faces of angels, fantastic figures and fruit in abundance adorn the building, which brings together Gothic, Romanesque and Baroque art in a single unit.It is not surprising that Alain Corneau chose the splendid setting of the Moutier D’Ahun abbey for his film, dear to the heart of the Creusois region: “Every morning in the world”.

Ahun, central town, heart of the Creuse

The village of Ahun seems to protect the village of Moutier d’Ahun from its heights.The beautiful facades of the bourgeois houses, with stones, honor the presence of the great church marked by the eras.Built above the crypt dating from the 9th-10th century, testimony of an ancient pagan temple, it crosses the ages, evolves with them while retaining its origins and acquiring successive architectural and decorative arts.It stands in the heart of the city, topped with its octagonal Romanesque bell tower and invites you to enter its doors into its bowels.

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Coup de Coeur Creuse : Martial Portail
Coup de Coeur Creuse : Martial Portail

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