The French Resistance museum

From a passion was born a museum! From an early age, Jean-Pierre Chambraud has been passionate about the French resistance during the second world war, that he experienced through the stories told by his grandfather and elders.

The acquisition of a first object and its history opened the door to many other quests … Little by little, he collected more “treasures” related to the war and resistance, very present in this corner of the Creuse. Today, the three levels of his barn are of this passion! The space has allowed the installation of scenes with models, weapons, vehicles … Glass showcases withhold the most valuable documents and pieces of the collection.

What is really unique and exciting here is to do the tour with the owner. He delivers for each of the objects presented, his unique story, such as this watch, found buried in the ground, where a German soldier had thrown it, 50 years ago!

Useful information :

Open on appointment from March to November, guided tour of the site.

Free parking 100m from the museum.

Jean-Pierre Chambraud
31 rue du Relais
Phone : +33 6 81 69 76 31 & +33 5 55 64 45 93