Heathland and peat bog of the Mazure

Heathland and peat bog of the Mazure

Coup de coeur rando

Come and discover a large bog, classified as a “Natura 2000” site.

A hike in the heart of the large preserved spaces of the Millevaches Regional Natural Park.

Several loops suitable for the whole family.

The big loop: 7 km / 3h
The small loop : 4 km / 1h45


Difficulty : Medium
Incline :+107m (big loop)

Departure point : Car park of “Le Rocher du Diable” D3 (Le Monteil au Vicomte)


le guide

Common part for the two loops: From the car park, go towards the footbridge spanning the stream, pass the barrier then follow the wide track until the next intersection.

Turn right, go through the woods to the viewpoint with a bench. Continue a little in the woods then descend towards the river until the ruins of a mill. Follow the old water channel from the mill to the footbridges that allow the stream to be crossed.

Take the duckboards and continue straight on the path for a good distance. At the intersection, take the left path, which then branches off to the left at a footbridge and cross the dike of an old pond.

Cross the river again and remember to close the gate. Climb the steep path that goes to the right to reach a panoramic view. Go back down through the moor towards a rocky chaos in the shape of a turtle. Right after this rock, two options are possible.

For the small loop, turn left to begin the return. Go up the moor to the woods, then continue on the path until the barrier. After crossing it, turn right then, a few meters further, left to cross a coniferous forest.

See last paragraph for the end of the route common to both loops.

For the big loop, go straight ahead, the path descends then goes up towards rocky chaos which offer a beautiful point of view. Go down to the bottom of the valley. Once you have reached the peat bog, the path branches off to the right, small improvements allow you to cross the wettest areas and reach a stone bridge (called “plank bridge”).

Cross the river, fork to the left to reach a resinous forest. Continue straight through this forest for a long distance until the intersection of 4 paths. Turn left, go through the woods then walk along the bog on a path bordered by old low walls. At the intersection with another path, continue straight until you reach some duckboards, then a small stone bridge which allows you to cross the river again.

Just after a small round trip on the right allows you to discover the remains of mills. Turn left, continue straight on a path which passes on the edge of the bog near heather moors.

A large slatted floor allows you to cross a very humid area (caution). The path continues straight on the edge then branches off to the right in a shrubby area and climbs up into a fenced meadow. A fenced corridor allows you to cross this meadow in complete safety (however, be careful with the apiary).

At the end of the meadow, take the path opposite (slightly off to the left) in a resinous forest.

Common part two loops: The path then continues through a leafy forest, branching off to the right until you reach an old fishery. Continue on the right, following the water straight line until the next intersection with a wide path.

Take this path to the left, walk alongside the fenced pasture park and continue straight on the path (taken on the outward journey) to return to the car park.


“L’appel des grands espaces !!!

On marche sur des passerelles en bois, en pleine nature, entouré par l’herbe qui ondule ; on est ailleurs.

Un sentiment de liberté m’envahit, je suis sur la lande, au cœur des grands espaces ; bientôt j’arrive sur un promontoire et là je change de monde : des chaos granitiques à perte de vue tout autour de moi.”

La Creuse

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