Since 1989, Pays’Sage has been making the landscapes of the Plateau de Millevaches (Limousin) true open-air cultural scenes, drawing on the identity of this rural territory. Landscapes, paths, inns, villages: everything is conducive to creation!

Pays’sage or Culture on a Plateau

The values of the association, created by Alain Fauriaux, a child of the territory and chaired by Jean-François Pressicaud and Pierre Bailly, can be summed up in a few words: creativity, proximity, solidarity, cooperation, organization, social link. All year long, the association imagines new concepts of events and travels to festivals in order to unearth tomorrow’s talents. It can count on the support of a dense network made up of volunteers, associations, professionals, institutions and villages throughout the Plateau de Millevaches.

The association organizes “the Winter Bistros” from January to March, festive Sundays where musical talents invest the inns of the territory, the “Chemins de Rencontres ” around August 15, two or three days of discovering the Creusois, these balades are punctuated by shows and concerts, and other cultural events during the year.

Pays’Sage: engine of creation

Pays’Sage is a creator of events but also engine of creation. Labeled “Point d’accueil à la vie associative” du sud creusois, it helps other associations in the realization of their projects. In addition, it actively participates in many events on the Plateau de Millevaches and helps build cultural projects.”