Art, history, granit....

Culture and heritage

Art, history, passion…

Art, know-how, history, passion… In a territory like the Creuse, which now draws its strength from its weaknesses, the legacy of the past has not been squandered. And today it brightens the future! From the roughest granite castle, to the most delicate tapestry work, through monumental sculptures or small impressionist touches… here for centuries, man has been creating with genius a living and unique garden!

Exceptional know-how!

In the land of the Masons of the Creuse who shaped Paris and its architecture, the Creuse builders made stone an art. Here it is the stone, there it is the wool, which delivers its secret message with the Tapestries and our artists, our craftsmen, translate it with emotion, imagination and talent. Let us not forget Impressionism, since it is in Creuse that Claude Monet signed his first series of 24 paintings.


Tapestries of Aubusson, “Unesco Intangible Cultural Heritage

The “Cité internationale de la tapisserie” has become an essential place: a journey through 6 centuries of tapestries to the most astonishing contemporary tapestries. Other places such as the Maison du tapestry, workshops, factories and spinning mills also open their doors to you to discover this still very lively wool sector.


The creative excessiveness of mankind has given granite its full strength, shaping castles, churches and inspiring the most beautiful legends…

Discover a surprising heritage such as the Village of Masgot, sculptures with the strangest shapes revealing strength and mystery, or contemporary frescoes painted on the walls of a church in Sous-Parsat!

Immerse yourself in medieval history in Bourganeuf and follow in the footsteps of an Ottoman prince Zizim imprisoned in a tower that now bears his name; without forgetting also the powerful fortresses such as that of Crozant, or the castles that have known how to survive over time: the Château de Boussac particularly impressive on its rocky spur or the elegance and power of the Château de Villemonteix…

la Creuse, tapisserie d'AubussonBruno Ythier, conservateur de la Cité internationale de la tapisserie

« The objective is to share the know-how and knowledge to bring them to life. To conserve a cultural heritage, it must be transmitted! »

Bruno Ythier, Museum curator