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The board bridges of the Millevaches plateau

Eric, the hiking referent at the Aubusson-Felletin Tourist Office, delivers to you his favorite: the plank bridges. In the land of a thousand springs, he often encounters them when he travels the hiking trails.
As you stroll through Creuse, these rustic granite facilities will reveal themselves to you, even offering you a choice setting for a photo.


These small bridges typical of the Millevaches plateau allow you to cross many small streams and when hiking on our territory, we sometimes have the surprise of crossing one at the bend of a valley or a bog. I have a small preference for the one which is in the south of Felletin and allows to cross the Dejoune river which flows into the Creuse a few tens of meters further. It is massive, sober and blends so well with the landscape that one would think it had been suspended over the water forever.

They are generally composed of one or more blocks of granite cut in the shape of a plank, hence its name “plank bridge” and rest on stone piers set up in the bed of the river. They had to be solid because in the past, animals used them to cross from one bank to the other. Their sturdiness has preserved them from the ravages of time and allows us today to rediscover them with pleasure.

I am revealing to you a place that you may not yet know but the next time you go to admire the Senoueix bridge, I invite you to go up the course of the Thaurion for a few hundred meters to discover a succession of very rustic plank bridges that fit perfectly into the landscape.



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