Chambon Sur Voueize©j.damaseChambon Sur Voueize©j.damase
©Chambon Sur Voueize©j.damase


Its remarkable Romanesque abbey and its treasures… Thanks to your many votes, Chambon-sur-Voueize came in 3rd place on the show “France’s favorite village 2014”.

Chambon sur Voueize, a pearl between the Monts de Guéret and Évaux les Bains

Chambon sur Voueize is a remarkable village, located in the east of the Pays de Combraille en Marche, in the heart of the Tardes valley. Its beautiful houses with brown tiled roofs are nestled around the imposing abbey of Saint Valerie. On every street corner, the past seems to resurface, and we like to discover the traces of the activities of the past such as tanneries, millineries, the court, the prison, the hospital…

Already known in the Gallo-Roman period, Chambon sur Voueize owes its development to a monastery founded in the 9th century. Around 985, most of the relics of Saint Valerie, which had been preserved until then in Limoges, were transported there.  This treasure contained by a silver reliquary bust arouses curiosity and humility. Thus, the village became a place of pilgrimage and the imposing Romanesque abbey was built.

A pleasant moment discovered on a nature walk

The Romanesque bridge over the Voueize river will take you to the maze of alleys marked by its medieval past. It is by climbing the hill that you will discover the view of the river, the abbey and the terraced gardens. The unique panorama calls for contemplation and motivates you to want to see a little more and to push for a walk to the gorges of the Voueize.

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