Vue d'Evaux les bains La CreuseVue d'Evaux les bains La Creuse
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Evaux les Bains

Evaux les Bains

The only spa in Limousin

Waters with millenary benefits

Evaux les Bains, the only spa in Limousin, is well worth a visit both for the discovery of its heritage and its beneficial waters. The pretty city, rich in 2000 years of history, reveals its built heritage, preserved natural spaces and legends. Dominated by the unmistakable church of Saint Peter Saint Paul, its irregularly shaped bell tower-porch, the reliquary shrine of Saint Marien, all of carved and gilded wood.

Evaux les Bains is predisposed to relaxation and well-being. You will stroll near the “Deer Park”, you will wander in the spa facilities while waiting for a treatment, you will hike on the marked trails near the Rochers de Bord, hoping to catch a glimpse of the kingfisher or the otter. Then in the evening, go to the Casino to play some roulette with friends and push your luck at the slot machines.

A hot and relaxing spring

The spa of Evaux les Bains has one of the most modern centers in France. Its therapeutic and warm waters are all suitable for the treatment of rheumatism and other joint diseases. They also have many other talents, in addition to providing us with moments of absolute relaxation in one of the facilities of the Evahona wellness center.

The Grand Hôtel Thermal, built at the beginning of the 19th century and remodeled over the years, adjoins the wellness center for the comfort of guests and tourists. Who can say today before so much modernity, that here the Romans had their habits!

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Coup de coeur Creuse : Katia Bouzon, Evaux les Bains et ses alentours
Coup de coeur Creuse : Katia Bouzon, Evaux les Bains et ses alentours
Coup de coeur Creuse : Katia Bouzon, Evaux les Bains et ses alentours

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