Toulx Sainte Croix Vue Du Ciel ©j. DamaseToulx Sainte Croix Vue Du Ciel ©j. Damase
©Toulx Sainte Croix Vue Du Ciel ©j. Damase


Toulx-Sainte-Croix or the village of the unlikely. Perched in the north-east of the Creuse, it has some nice surprises in store: a church cut in half, a “lighthouse” and a chaos of stones !

A church cut in half and a lighthouse !

One does not go to Toulx-Sainte-Croix by chance. This village is reached after a series of turns; take the time to admire the landscape. Before your eyes the countryside unveils its hardwood forest and its bocage, whatever the season during which you spend your Creuse holidays, the colors are always exceptional.

Once in the village, you’ll see the first surprise: the bell tower is separated from the rest of the church giving the impression of a church cut in half ! Janine, who is the Greeter, will be happy to show you around the monument.

Another surprise awaits you: the “lighthouse“! This observation tower stands on the heights of Toulx-Sainte-Croix. Built from 1932 by a local figure: Abbot Aguillaume; he wanted to make it a place of observation. Although it now houses television antennas and earthquake measurement systems, it is still one of the best viewpoints of the area. Seven departments are visible from the top.

The fairy stones

The hiking site of the yellow stones (Pierres Jaumâtres) is a must for those who spend their holidays in Creuse. Imagine the chaos of granite stones. Some of them weigh several tons, yet they seem to be balanced as if by magic. Legend has it that many springs sprang from here. Refuge and paradise of fairies (the masts), they had all the leisure to swim in the streams and to dance relentless farandoles. The fairy queen imposed only one rule: all had to leave the place before nightfall. Despite several warnings, they disobeyed her! In her anger, the queen drove them away and hit the ground with her hammer. The shock wave dried up the springs and gave way to a stone sanctuary now called “Les Pierres Jaumâtres”!

Let yourself be surprised by the special atmosphere of the place and to recover from your walk, take the time to have a drink at the chalet des Pierres Jaumâtres.

The must-see :
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– The castle of Boussac
The Chalet des Pierres Jaumâtres : tree climbing and laser-game course