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Assaulting the Yellowstone

Geological or druidic site? Fairy den? passions, legends, ink has flowed to tell the story of the place. From geological facts to the anecdotes of the ancients, all these elucidations have allowed it to acquire over the centuries its share of mysteries. This is what makes it today The legendary place of the territory!

Published on 4 May 2021

The yellowish stones

A legendary site

Native of Dordogne, I knew the Creuse more than 20 years ago when I was a student in Bordeaux.
It is thanks to my friendship with a Creuse woman that I discovered this legendary place. Intrigued by the story of my friend, I only wanted to discover it by myself. We won’t lie, it’s the anecdotes and the legends woven around the place that attracted my curiosity 😉
And then I couldn’t wait to see this famous stone that supposedly holds in balance 🤔


The 1st time I went to the Pierres Jaumâtres assault was in September, late September. At the tip of Mont Barlot the tone is set. The reddish autumn sun bathes the site in a magical atmosphere. The atmosphere is magical, I have no doubt: fairies have lived here for sure! All the legends come to life in my head and I imagine them, playing, dancing, going here and there in total carefreeness.
I am conquered, under the spell, I fall in love with this place directly! It is not without surprise that I say that this is not the last time I come here 😍

At our arrival, accompanied by my husband and my children, I am delighted to see that they are just as impatient as I am to take the path that leads to the den of fairies.

1st observation: the site has changed well. Today there is a parking lot with picnic tables.
On the advice of my favorite creusoise, we put on the shoes that go well. Except me, it is not 2, 3 stones which are going to stop me! for once I should have listened to it… Although it is a very practicable way, some stones played tricks on us, a warning from the fairies? Their carelessness will have cost them their kingdom where gushed out hot water springs today relocated in Evaux les Bains 😉 me it will have cost me a small toe 🤐

Before taking the path in point,
2nd observation: formerly closed, there is now on our left a restaurant with a super large shaded terrace: “the chalet of the Yellow stones”.
Seeing the ice cream cups passing under our eyes, it is sure, on the way back, one of these cheeky treats will be for us!

It is left, all smiles and motivated to survey the soft, shaded path, pleasant by this beautiful afternoon of summer.

Several halts are necessary, my small end of Gabriel from the top of its 3 years struggles all the same to follow his brother and it is my husband who will make the expenses of it.
Rapidly I notice that I really played the “tourists” and it is really necessary to look where one puts the feet.

The more one progresses, the more the pebbles become increasingly large. On the way the boys begin to climb some.
Hidden under the humus and under the leaves, some stones make us stumble and the small knees make the expenses of it.

A council, in addition to the sneakers, the cap, the glasses and the bottle of water, it is not of luxury that to make follow some bandages, accompanied by a câlin and a kiss, that passes rather quickly;)

Here we are, on the Mont Barlot. They discover and I rediscover for my part, this immense plateau where are scattered here and there, all around us, these immense blocks of granite. For my husband, discovering some rocks dug in the shape of a bowl and others streaked with long gullies, it is no longer the legends of fairies that echo in his head, but for the blow, that of the existence of a place reserved for the druids and their rites.
No matter, after the discovery of the 1st block of the site, Tarann (god of Thunder) also called the Butterball, we dash off leaving on our left the three Sugar Buns (it is from this block that all the legends start with at the top of its ridge a gully dug all along its length) to reach our St graal: the seesaw

I present to you Teutatès, the most spectacular stone on the site today commonly known as the Balance or Swing.

Naturally we had fun trying to topple this block which seems to hold its balance as if by magic on its support.
Nothing helped, it did not move a millimeter.

14m long

La Boussaquine

We resume our exploration of the site, climbing a rock here, another there, the children are rejuvenated to be able to run, jump from stone to stone; well especially Antoine, Gabriel scalded, although valiant, remains more careful ☺☺☺

We quietly return to our starting point, not a little proud of having defied the gods, the druids and the fairies. And of course to have climbed the Swing, trying at all costs to topple it. Despite our determination and the union of our strength she was able to resist us.

Antoine did not admit defeat and told us “dad it’s because we’re not yet as strong as you, it’s sure when Gaby and I will be big like you we’ll get there”

In the meantime if we regained strength right away with these fabulous whipped cream ice cream? Promise …


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