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Hike in the Lassoux Woods

The Bois de Lassoux circuit plunges us into the heart of nature, to discover what surrounds us, all set to the sound of running water and the vocalizations of birds.

Published on 4 June 2021

Lassoux Wood

A hike in the middle of nature
Vidéo départ Bois de Lassoux
Vidéo départ Bois de Lassoux
Vidéo départ Bois de Lassoux

Maybe we’ve already crossed paths, I’m Julia, a tour guide at the Creuse Confluence tourist office.
In fact, I love everything that is closely or remotely related to heritage. Recently I have been crisscrossing the hiking trails of our territory in order to inventory all the paths.


At the bend of some of them, I like to share with you my experience and give you my little advice. Thus, I propose you today, in this beautiful afternoon of March, to discover the circuit of the Bois de Lassoux on the commune of Budelière.

Accompanied by one of my colleagues, I take the route sheet, I also download the circuit on my phone and take the opportunity in passing to launch my sports app (it’s always gratifying to realize the efforts made, just so I don’t feel guilty eating a delicacy right behind 🤣)
and off we go, go go!

Not long after we start our walk we have the option to enhance our route by following the discovery route (totally immersed in the forest) on the left, which lengthens our initial walk by 30 minutes and brings us back to the main path.

Today I decide to stick to the classic route. I will come back with my little nephews and nieces to picnic at the edge of the forest; there are tables and games for children, we will survey together the discovery trail, to meet the different animal and plant species that populate the wood.

So quietly we arrive at the Douglas fir field, then, start a descent on a stony path, hiking shoes are welcome! We plunge into the forest to the rhythm of the water that runs peacefully and quietly.

We gain a footbridge and take a path, part of which is attached to the Natura 2000 site of the Gorges of the Tardes and the Cher Valley. We don’t see the gorges on this part of the route but cross an area where biodiversity is ubiquitous.

At the exit of the path after the bridge, it is quite possible to branch off to the right to reach the Chapelle Ste Radegonde and/or the Hanging Bridge. You will then have to add just 1h to your route.
Here again, we decide to stick to the circuit and we start what we did not know yet to be the hardest part of the route.
So if, by this beautiful spring afternoon we unload the superfluous vest and take a good glass of water between 2 breaks. We’re not used to it anymore!

It will have given us a small blow of heat this small coast and that was worth it! The panorama which offers itself to us is grandiose and it is even more true “in real”! Besides it will be there my small downside, until we gain the village of Richebœuf, the panorama is in our back, we wonder about the relevance to make it in the other direction.


What a godsend this bank on our route, we take advantage of it to take a break, admire the view and regain our strength for the 2nd part of our hike.

As we pass through Richebœuf we come across some funny characters, girouettes and beautiful properties where we would love to go for a swim !!!!

The rest of the route is more linear, punctuated by rabbits and fields where we pass farmers in the middle of work who wave at us or others who stop to chat for 5 minutes, just to make sure we are not 2 damsels in distress lost in the country.

We pass through the village of Madeleine which hides a sort of small chapel that was actually a healing station on the old Bourges to Eygurande route for pilgrims and travelers.

As we reach the end of our journey we are unsure whether to cross the farm or take the somewhat wet and overgrown path to the right for a few meters.

We choose to follow our little welcoming committee, composed of these 3 friendly little ducks and finally cross the farm before returning to the “grand’route” as we say back home.

Ferme de Budelière
Ferme de Budelière
Ferme de Budelière

As soon as we leave the farm, we find ourselves on the departmental road that brings us back to the parking of the bois de lassoux. This portion of road is very busy, even on 150m, be careful with the traffic 😉


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