Creuse ConfluenceThe case of the necklace we will elucidate!

Let’s enter the legend and follow in the footsteps of Zabeth

If you want to spice up your hike and/or discover local nuggets while having fun, we have just what you need.
In addition to exciting your brains and captivating your kids eager to flush out all the Poi’z and solve each quest, yes, you’re going to hike! without even realizing it, and neither will your kids! It’s time to discover Terraaventura geocaching made in Nouvelle-Aquitaine!

Published on 4 June 2021

The affair of the necklace

Tèrra Aventura (en français)
Tèrra Aventura (en français)
Tèrra Aventura (en français)

I am first and foremost a tour guide at the Creuse Confluence tourist office. Recently I have been exploring the hiking trails to discover the small heritage. Today, it is for a completely different experience that I take you with me. Of course, it is about discovering our heritage and making a hiking trail, but in a different style. I am going to make you discover the Terraaventura geocaching course of Chambon sur Voueize !


To make my quest more crazy, I invite my friends and colleagues from Creuse Confluence Tourism to find this cache and to make them discover geocaching. For Elodie, our new seasonal employee in Chambon, it will be the opportunity to discover the village and its hidden treasures.

Professional training obliges,
I improvise myself as a guide of our stroll. Smartphone in hand, I indicate to the girls the 1st GPS coordinates towards which we must go. The goal is to find the best route to get from where we are to where we need to go.
That’s how we end up in the gardens of what used to be the monastery. Zabeth and Zéroïk then content us with the 1st historical facts before inviting us to go to the point of our 1st riddle; 1st riddle hinting at the presence here of an old prison.

Not a little proud of having solved our 1st riddle, we don’t intend to stop there and this case it’s on, we’re going to elucidate it!”
We gain the interior of the building for the continuation of the adventure.

We are chilled by the revelation of our acolytes Zabeth and Zéroïk concerning the legend of St Valerie. It’s chilling but what a legend with an amazing punchline! As they are found in Limousin and never mind, we are even more motivated to solve the next 2 riddles that are inside the church.

All the lights are green, our quest is progressing well!

We are now heading towards point N° 4 of our route. It is this one that will have given us the most trouble!
A little disoriented we have searched a little for this small alley quite remote where it is necessary to go to find this new enigma.
I am the 1st amazed by what we discover, for my next visits of the village, it is sure, we will pass again by here!!

The following point is without any doubt the most difficult! Difficult from a physical point of view, it is deserved this sight which dominates the borough of Chambon!
5th enigma check! Before resuming our quest, we also take the opportunity to admire the panorama and regain our strength.

Come on, let’s go for our 6th riddle and according to the indications we will reach the Romanesque bridge. A bridge? water? ouf, we go down again!.

We quietly arrive at the Romanesque bridge that once led to Limoges where the monks of Saint-Martial, the famous founders of the monastery, lived.
We solve this riddle with flying colors and even decide to make a short stop on the banks before heading back.

Then, on the advice of Zéïdon we head towards the old magistrates’ quarter to solve the 7th riddle.
At the time when we carry out our stroll, at the end of the afternoon by this beautiful spring sun, this one is just behind the finial and blurs our view to give our answer. A long debate ensues to determine the right color.

Before we leave, we learn a most amazing news! Delivered by Zouti’s account it concerns of course the necklace and its disappearance…I won’t tell you more so as not to spoil your surprise to you too when you complete the course.


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