in Creuse ConfluenceBy fords and by mounts

My 1st hiking trail in Creuse Confluence

Hungry for space and nature? You’ll love the “Fords and Mounts of Betête” trail. It never ends to walk you from small path to small path passing by breathtaking panoramic views! Such is the promise of this beautiful course in Betête!

Published on 4 June 2021

By fords and by mounts

The call of nature
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Passionate about built heritage, I am a guide accompanying the Creuse Confluence tourist office.

Lately I also devote myself to the discovery of the small heritage by traveling our hiking trails in particular. The offer is important on our territory and it is my responsibility to highlight it.

Thus begins this day my inventory of hiking trails of Creuse Confluence! I put on the shoes that go well and I embark my laptop to take some selfies and here we go 😉


To start the hike I didn’t look from noon to 2pm, I parked my car at the town hall square and took the right road “la rue de la liberté”. It was a little my feeling besides by taking the road, the 1st rays of sun were of the party, my backpack well in place (for a small four hours on the way) I felt the soul of an adventurer 😉

Very quickly I make friends, horses, sheep, birds I find that there is world on these roads! the panoramas subjugate me and I do not sulk my pleasure at the time of crossing the ford!”

My advice

To fully enjoy this walk, I invite you rather to come in spring or at the very beginning of summer, after the winter precipitations.

This way, you will be able to and one, to enjoy the nature that awakens, and two, to jump over the streams or to walk in the river, it’s up to you!”

Me I preferred to go piano 😉 One piece of advice all the same: be well-shod!

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Hiking in Creuse Confluence ? It’s Julia Jacquet who speaks best about it 😉

Download the hike sheet of the circuit by fords and mounts and/or its GPX route and let’s go!


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