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Unusual encounters in a farm like no other

You thought you would see chickens, ducks, pigs, cows and many other farm animals? You are right, but not only! At the Clautres farm you will make a journey to meet local species and you will also discover specimens from far away places.

Published on 17 April 2022

The farm of Clautres

A farm like no other

I am fortunate in working at Creuse Confluence Tourism to regularly visit the owners of this farm like no other. Each visit is an enchantment, a new discovery.
The owners know how to reinvent themselves constantly without losing sight of their main objective.
Today it is for the realization of a video report that I take you in this beautiful afternoon of April to the discovery of this atypical farm ♥


I love this place. I’m from here and I’ve been lucky enough to follow the transformation of the place since I was a little girl. And for good reason, the owner after being my English teacher in college, would tutor me on Wednesdays at the farm. She was also a member of the tourist office when I arrived in the 2000’s.

With her husband she was in charge of the farm and the visits. Gradually it is Jean-Baptiste, their son, who brings his personal touch. Passionate about animals, at first the birds, you could admire all kinds of gallinaceous. Then, little by little the species diversified.

When we arrive, the team, a family, is hard at work transforming the reception area. Spring break begins this WE and they are working to get everything ready to welcome visitors.

Once reserved for showing a slide show dedicated to organic farming and a play area for children, this place is on the way to becoming both an informative place about the farm and a real store with various and varied decorative objects, stuffed animals bearing the effigy of the park’s residents, souvenirs of all kinds and local products.

Finally ready to present us with their new facilities, we set off with Jean-Baptiste and Arnaud on this 2km route to discover the farm’s residents.

Both ex-colleagues of the Beauval zoo park where they met, they took up the challenge of taking over the farm with their common passion: conserving endangered species.

We begin the visit with the goat pen. All as curious as we are, they come to meet us certainly more with the idea of tasting a snack rather than being petted and taking a break for our reportage 🙂

But never mind, everyone finds his account and lends himself to the game.

Before leaving to join the donkeys a little further, we return on our steps to visit the barnyard animals. This space has recently been developed and it is a real fanfare that welcomes us with open beaks to there again taste some delicacies. Somewhat fearful some do not hesitate to let themselves be stroked by Lea.

We resume our 2km long route to discover all the enclosures of the animal park spread over 35 of the 200ha that the farm has.

The donkeys come quickly to seek petting unlike the guinea pigs of which we will have to redouble our efforts to catch one 😛

We continue quietly our way to arrive at the most adorable thing we will see today: all these little pigs, all pink, all cute. Young and old we are under the spell. But mother pig protects her babies and it is difficult for us to see them, even less to approach them. We don’t blame her, it’s all to her credit.

Always guided by Jean-Baptiste and Arnaud, our encounters follow one another, we discover the life of certain animals whose names we are unable to remember or even pronounce, attentive to the presentations and inexhaustible information that our guides provide us. We drink their words and walk quietly from enclosure to enclosure to once again discover another cuteness of the park: the llamas

Affectionate and touching with their plush balls, we stay a good while with them feeding and petting them, they ask for more and so do we ♥

Highlight of the visit

Cloclo and Chloe

The last 500m of the course (already) are shaded and allow us to discover the aviaries where species with colors all as varied as their races live peacefully.

This is how we arrive in front of this immense plain, named “the African plain”. The sun in our eyes we try to distinguish these animals that we see in the distance. Jean-Baptiste then enters the field and goes to look for them in order to present them to us. He comes back with 2 dromedaries, Cloclo and Chloé.
For the moment all 2 only residents of this immense plain, Jean-Baptiste and Arnaud confide us to want to welcome other animals originating from the same continent like lions 😮 They also let us hear that other projects are in their notebooks like the development of a European plain and the creation of an Australian greenhouse.

We quietly return to the park reception where we take advantage of a shaded picnic table to take a break and quench our thirst, surprised by this heat on this afternoon in April.
We ink in our memories the feathered, furry, two-legged or four-legged encounters we made today and already we are thinking of coming back. If not to discover other facilities at least this summer to enjoy the animations that will be set up (depending on health measures) including farmers market, food-truck …

Jean-Baptiste & Arnaud

Portrait of Creuse


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