East-Creuse Cycling route

Long-distance cycling route

This trail along the water will take you to the Pond of the Landes and will delight nature lovers. From Boussac in the footsteps of George Sand, passing by the abbey of Chambon-sur-Voueize, you will recharge your batteries in the charming spa town of Evaux-les-Bains.

From Boussac to Chambon-sur-Voueize : 37.4km

You will discover the listed church of Auge from the 12th and 13th centuries, the Boussac castle, the twin churches of Boussac-Bourg, the site of Les Pierres Jaumâtres (with its adventure course in the trees) and the panoramic tower of Toulx Ste Croix.

From Chambonchard to Chambon-sur-Voueize : 13.4km

The heritage welcomes you with the church of Chambonchard, the Abbey of Saint Valerie in Chambon-sur-Voueize as well as the gorges of La Voueize, the church of Saint Peter Saint Paul and the heritage house in Evaux les Bains and to entertain you, the thermal baths and the casino

From Chambon-sur-Voueize to Pond of the Naute : 32.8km

The Pond of the Landes Nature Reserve offers different views and observation points for wildlife and nature. The reserve house welcomes you all year round.