©Estelle Alleyrat


The Creuse, my beautiful playground!

A Sunday at the water’s edge…

Saint Martial le Mont is really a name associated with childhood and vacations for me, just a stone’s throw from home. How many hours could I have spent by the river, with my father and the rest of the family, teasing the fish? We used to have contests. It wasn’t often that I caught the best trout, but I did manage to hang on to the highest branch! In the hot summer months, the refreshing water of the Creuse near the bridge is still pleasant. After swimming, picnics are organized on the wooden tables or on a tablecloth in the grass.
Above, the church and the houses observe everything that happens. Saint Martial le Mont, it’s a beautiful perched village which makes eye to Saint Médard la Rochette, on the other side of the river.
From my leisure place, I go up there sometimes on foot (but it climbs!). But actually, I prefer to walk quietly along the river and watch the nature and the village from afar. It feels so much like a vacation…


Where to go?


It is often she who welcomes visitors to the Ahun tourist office. Meticulous and handyman, she carefully arranges the store and the reception area, dexterously handling the drill, the hammer, the screwdriver… without any apprehension. With Estelle, a crate, a crate, a glass and a piece of wood become a super modern and functional shelf!