©Nathalie Manaud


In Chantemille

A little piece of paradise…

My little secret corner of Creuse, I didn’t go looking for it far, it’s there, around me, it’s my village.

It’s a place full of charm in the heart of nature. How not to succumb? Its name is already very evocative: Chantemille. It tells the sound of the water of the Creuse and the Félinas stream that cross it.

The houses are scattered. Each one has its own orientation, its privacy, its garden, its space to be arranged as it pleases. At the very end, at the very top, a fortress. Perched on a rocky outcrop, the castle is at its lookout post. It watches over the old footbridge and the path lined with trees and tall grass. It tells the story of the place, of a time when life was hard and austere.

Today, flowers color the hamlet, fishermen enjoy the calm of the place, hikers rejoice in this discovery, so close to Moutier d’Ahun. Discussions are easily born, invitations to the garden are not rare.


Where to go?


Hosts the area during the vacations and whenever possible. She is a guide and is passionate about art and heritage: churches, legends, cemeteries, rural buildings… She loves people, meeting them, talking to them and building relationships with them. All these encounters, over the years, nourish her and bring her much happiness.